Success criteria magazine covers

Success criteria for front covers:

  1. Does your cover have a clear masthead/logo?
  2. Is the price appropriate for your target audience?
  3. Is there a clear brand identity/colour scheme?
  4. Is the text engaging?
  5. Is the image clear and does it feature direct address (the model looking at the camera/audience)?
  6. Have you used a range of fonts?
  7. Have you included all the essential conventions: barcode, slogan, price, puffs, plugs, website etc.?
  8. Is your target audience clear?
  9. Have you looked at existing magazine covers and checked that it is professional and conventional looking?

Here are some excellent links for you to look at for some great tips for magazine cover design, have a read, but also look at the magazine covers they feature – all very engaging and highly creative.

Magazine tips3


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Magazine tips